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Bolstered by the strength and technology of a leader in transportation logistics, the expert team at Global Source Logistics (GSL) is undeniably adept at handling the specific challenges of trade show shipping. Regardless of how complex your needs are or how far the destination is, our processes ensure secure, on-time delivery, without fail. Because we understand the success of your trade show appearance depends on a high-quality presentation, we strive to protect your goods at all times during transportation. All at rates you’ll be happy with.

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  • Shipments arrive damage free
  • Guaranteed delivery date and time for your exhibition
  • Short- and long-term storage is taken care of
  • You avoid unnecessary expenses
  • Shipping services are customized for each client
  • Real-time pick-up, stop-off, and delivery updates


In addition to designing marketing collateral, booking travel arrangements, and setting up an eye-catching exhibition booth, handling trade show shipping can be overwhelming. When it comes to trade show or exhibition shipping, it’s important to plan ahead. Global Source Logistics is here to take the stress out of your trade show exhibit by handling every detail of the shipping process.

In order for your freight to arrive on time, you should familiarize yourself with the following information:

  • Move-in and move-out dates at the venue
  • Advance warehouse shipping dates
  • Show site shipping dates

Be sure all of your freight is properly labeled and carries the correct paperwork, so you don’t risk having misplaced materials. It helps if you include the following information with your freight:

  • Booth number
  • Company name
  • Point-of-contact: Name, Phone, Email
  • Number of pieces (1 of 3, 2 of 3, etc.)
  • Must-arrive-by date
  • Delivery address

It may even help to add the names and phone numbers of all of the staff who will be attending the trade show exhibit, should your main point of contact miss the call.


Most shipping for trade shows have been planned out for weeks in advance. In order to ensure the best quote possible, prioritize your shipping timeline, as soon as your company decides to attend a trade show exhibit. By booking two weeks to a month in advance, this gives you more transportation options as well as lower pricing.

At GSL, we’ll do our best to optimize your shipping routes, so you can get your freight delivered to the right place at the right time, as efficiently as possible. Shipping coordination can be tricky, but we have years of experience in managing trade show shipments and can help you get your freight there and out. Avoid additional costs or fees for shipments arriving or departing outside of the dates or times that your show specified, when you book with us.

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Plan Ahead!

Know your move-in and move-out dates as well as shipping date

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9-12 Months Before Exhibition
– Register booth space
– Identify full details (date, time, & requirements)

6-9 Months Before Exhibition
– Design and lay out exhibit
– Begin constructing and printing materials

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3-6 Months Before Exhibition
– Book travel and hotel accommodations
– Confirm pick-up and delivery dates with GSL

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Ship In Advance To A Warehouse

  • Store freight up to 30 days before show
  • Guaranteed to be on-time
  • Lower drayage charge for direct shipping
  • Ability to ship small packages
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Place the heaviest items at the bottom of your pallet
Electronics, lighting, and delicate material should be packaged separately
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Label Your Freight
– Booth Number
– Company Name
– Point of Contact
– # of Pieces
– Must-Arrive By Date
– Delivery Address

Choose Global Source Logistics For Fast, Reliable Shipping


When you decide to ship your freight, you have two options, in terms of destination. You can either ship your freight to the advance shipment warehouse or to the show site. Each show has a dedicated advance warehouse, where you can store your freight until the day of the exhibition.

Generally speaking, if your freight is ready early, you should consider sending your shipment to the advance warehouse. Refer to your show’s manual to see how much earlier you can send in your freight to the advance warehouse (most shows will allow you to store your freight for up to 30 days before the exhibition). Although there may be slightly higher handling fees, the benefit of having your freight at the show, days before the exhibit, might outweigh the cost.

Some companies will prefer to ship their freight directly to the show site. Although you run the risk of the carrier arriving too late or too early (which could incur additional charges), there are some benefits to shipping it directly to the show site. Not only are your material handling charges lower, but you also have the option to ship small packages along with pallets or crates. Advance warehouses will not store small packages, so you will have to bring them along yourself. Additionally, by waiting until the show site date, you have more time to create stunning marketing collateral, booth graphics, and more.


After several hectic days at the convention center, closing day will come before you know it. It’s important to schedule shipment pick-up as soon as possible. If you do not pack up your booth and supplies, or if you do not fill out your paperwork properly, your supplies could be sent to a separate storage location, where you will be charged additional costs for handling and storage. The show site may also send your freight through a carrier they partnered with, which can also result in more fees. When you contact GSL, we’ll take care of moving your freight out in a timely manner, so you don’t get stuck with unnecessary fees.

To ensure that your freight stays altogether, have some shrink wrap on hand, and be sure to label all of your shipment the same way you packed it up to move it into the show site. This is especially important if you are planning to move your freight to another trade show at a different location. Contact GSL today for your next trade show event, and we’ll take care of the handling and delivery for you.


At Global Source Logistics, we’ve paired cutting-edge logistics technology with proven best-in-class techniques to guarantee outstanding results. From carrier choice to OTR management and load handling and delivery, there is not a single aspect we will compromise on. With GSL at the helm, you’ll enjoy the peace of mind that only comes from knowing your trade show displays, technology, and equipment are in the hands of professionals who care.

Our partners ship directly to convention centers, hotels, and other venues, ensuring time-specific deliveries. You’ll also enjoy the unrelenting efforts of a dedicated operations manager and around-the-clock support team.

Don’t leave the success of your trade show appearance up to chance. Trust only those transportation management professionals who can get the job done, effectively and affordably. Contact the GSL team now for a free, no-obligation needs assessment and shipping estimate.


Global Source Logistics is committed to making the shipping process easy for you. Be sure to check our frequently asked questions for answers to common questions. For more information, you may contact us.

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