Expedited Shipping

Best Possible Rates for Your Time-Sensitive Shipments


Our expedited freight shipping services help you get time-critical shipments where they need to be, when they need to be there. Our goal is to streamline the process by only utilizing the services of those elite carriers that understand, and can overcome, the challenges of urgent shipping needs — though we don’t think white glove service should automatically come with a hefty price tag. With an eye for detail and an uncompromising commitment to service, we’ll fight for the best possible rates.

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  • Never pay for unused cargo space
  • Get better shipping rates
  • Reduce your environmental impact
  • Protect your shipment from wear and tear
  • Know where your shipment is located at all times
  • Reach our freight team for world-class customer support


Any urgent or priority goods and services will understandably come with a premium cost. For freight that needs to be delivered by an urgent deadline, expedited shipping is absolutely worth the additional cost.

With expedited shipping, you are guaranteed a faster delivery time, less handling, and real-time tracking of your goods. Additionally, when you outsource expedited freight shipping, you save costs in the long run. When goods are delivered in a timely manner, your bottom line sales will continue to increase.

When you choose Global Source Logistics (GSL) as your third party logistics provider, you save money and time. Maintaining your own shipping and logistics department is costly and takes up precious hours that could be spent on growing your business. With GSL, you only pay for what you need to ship, and when your business grows, you can easily scale up your shipping needs. We’ll handle the logistics for you!


Any business can benefit from our expedited shipping service. If you need a package delivered by a certain time, whether you’re shipping out a few packages, a few pallets, or a whole truckload, then an expedited shipping service is right for you.

There are many specific reasons to use expedited shipping for your freight. For instance: if you are sending out emergency supplies to medical facilities, if you must meet a manufacturing schedule, or if you need to replace important machine parts to keep your production running smoothly.

You may also consider expedited shipping for perishable items. An expedited shipping service will ensure that your customers receive your products in good shape.

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55% of shoppers abandon their cart because of high delivery fees and taxes

60% of shoppers will choose a competitor over more convenient delivery options

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16% of shoppers abandon their cart because delivery was too slow

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Real-Time Shipment Tracking from Pickup to Delivery

Fewer Stops Means Lower Risk of Damaged Goods

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Guaranteed Delivery Times
Choose Global Source Logistics For Fast, Reliable Shipping


  • Air shipments including commercial and large-scale cargo
    Ground shipments including temp-controlled hauling, flatbed and LTL shipping
  • Specialized services including trade show deliveries, radioactive and hazmat material transportation
  • Energy industry needs including storm and natural disaster recovery supplies and equipment

When you partner with GSL, we’ll help you handle your global deliveries with ease. Your cargo will be kept safe and secure and arrive exactly when you need them by. By handling the logistics of expedited shipping, you have more time to focus on the core of your business, reduce your costs, improve delivery speed to your customers, and have greater flexibility and scalability.


Although it varies by company, typically expedited shipping means goods will be delivered within two to three business days. If you have cargo to ship from a neighboring state to another, then your shipping rate will most likely be lower because of the distance and the type of carrier used. If you have cargo to ship from the West Coast to the East Coast, however, rates may be higher, since your cargo will probably be shipped using air transportation (to ensure timely delivery).

At GSL, it is important to us that you not only get the best shipping rates, but also exemplary customer service and support. We offer 100% transparency and visibility when it comes to your shipment options. Whether you need two full trucks, or just a partial truck, GSL is here to help you fully understand your options. We’ll help you plan and execute your shipment delivery from beginning to end, so you can be worry-free. We know our way around navigating difficult routes, weather, and other variables.

For added peace of mind, all of your shipments can be tracked through our comprehensive online portal. We’ve got one platform to track it all.


There’s no need to waste any more time searching for an expedited shipping service. Get your urgent shipment rolling by contacting Global Source Logistics now. Though we’re headquartered in Southern California, as a leading agent for GlobalTranz, we are able to serve any US company with expertise and unparalleled service.