Pallet Rates are Available

While it’s not necessary to enter the pallet dimensions when you are getting a rate quote, there are advantages to doing so. Global Source Logistics is now offering ‘pallet rates’ thru certain carriers. Thru the Pallet Rate Program, there can be a substantial savings over the standard LTL rates, but there are restrictions to qualify. The pallet size must be either 40×48 or 48×48, but can be up to 96″ in height. Weight can be up to 2400 pounds per pallet, and the maximum number of pallets shipped under this program ranges from 4 to 14, depending upon the carrier. The next time you are quoting a shipment, be sure to enter the dimensions and see if you get a pallet rate – it’s clearly marked as such and typically with a substantial savings over non-pallet rate quotes.

Feel free to contact me for more information and pricing.