Instant quotes to Alaska and Hawaii are now available through Global Source Logistics for your LTL shipping! Our online rating engine now includes AK and HI, along with the 48 states and Canada.

Just like with other quotes, simply enter the details of the shipment and it gives you the rate and transit times. For Hawaii quotes, you MUST enter the dimensions (which isĀ optionalĀ but recommended for all other quotes).

While you are on the rate comparison page, it not only shows you the estimated transit times for each of the legs of the shipment, ground and ocean, but it also displays both the total cost and a breakdown. Just hover your mouse over the rate, and it will give the cost for each of the legs.

When you book this, which is identical to any other LTL shipment, the bill of lading will show both the origin as well as the destination of the land portion (West Coast ports), plus the final destination in either HI or AK.

Remember, Global Source Logistics can ship your freight to most ANY destination on the planet, not just to Alaska or Hawaii. Log in to our website and try it out today!