CF Stations

Container Freight Stations, also known as a CFS, is a port facility for unloading and loading containerized freight, to or from overseas. If you have a pickup from one of these facilities, be aware there are additional fees involved and that the fees must be paid in advance directly to the CFS. The typical fees are as follows:

  • Delay charges – Due to the amount of pickups moving out of the stations, there are longer wait times at CFS stations. Since the driver has to wait, they charge you for it.
  • Forklift fees – The use of this equipment to load the shipment onto the truck.

While this all may sound complicated, it really isn’t, as long as you are aware of what’s involved. Since the fees must be paid in advance, the pickup of your freight will be delayed for a day or two while everything is being finalized. If you have a pickup from a CFS, I can walk you through the process and help you get it released. Just let me know in advance.

Non Commercial Deliveries

While we are on the subject of extra fees, the carriers are designating more and more facilities as ‘non-commercial deliveries’ and charging extra for them. When you are entering the information for a quote, be sure to check the appropriate box if you have a pickup or delivery from/to one of these. Otherwise, you will get hit with a re-bill. Here’s a list of the current sites:

  • Airports
  • Construction /Utility sites
  • Correctional facilities
  • Military bases
  • Piers/wharves
  • Storage facilities
  • Churches
  • Farms
  • Schools/Universities
  • Country clubs
  • Shopping malls
  • Mines/Quarries
  • Golf courses
  • Nursing homes
  • Government sites
  • Hotels