As we approach the Thanksgiving holiday and we enter the last few weeks of the year we wanted to address the capacity crunch that we are all dealing with. What is capacity? Capacity is the maximum amount that something can be contained. Several of you have experience missed pickups and delayed deliveries. This is all a result of capacity. This is the worst capacity we have seen in over 10 years.

There are 4 factors that are contributing to the problem:

  1. Less trucking companies which in turn means less trucks.
    • In simpler terms there is more freight than the trucking companies can handle.
    • You are also seeing a number of partner carriers being used as major carriers are looking for help to deliver their freight.
    • Carriers are filling their trucks before they reach their final destinations on their routes.
  2. Lack of drivers replacing retired drivers
    • A number of long-time drivers are approaching retirement age and help wanted ads are filling the local newspapers. Carriers are desperate to find qualified good drivers.
    • Construction growth is enticing drivers to that industry.
  3. Economic factors decreasing  equipment investment
    • Many carriers held on to tractors and trailers longer than they should as they could not afford to replace them. Now they are able to but the demand is out numbering the availability of new equipment.
  4. Government regulation
    • The new 34-hour restart provision has impacted scheduling of drivers and routes being able to be covered by carriers.
    • Salary demands and drivers preferences to remain close to home have greatly affected carrier’s long haul on time service percentages


  1. As we approach the holiday season; if you need a shipment to arrive on time look at the guarantee options. Carriers are trained to make sure those are taken care of first.
  2. Be careful booking a shipment the day before a holiday. If you can book your shipment 48 hours before a closure that would be recommended
  3. Email us at [email protected] 2 hours before your close time so we can follow up with the carrier if they have not shown up yet? Anything less makes it difficult to find another carrier if necessary.
  4. Be aware of weather delays. Currently in and out of NY is 3-4 days delayed due to the storm.