Not all third-party logistics carriers are created the same. When you’re looking for expedited freight shipping, you want to keep a few things in mind in order to ensure you get your freight delivered where you want it and when you want it, without any damage to what you’ve shipped. When it comes to expedited shipping, Global Source Logistics (GSL) offers exactly what you need. Read our complete guide to expedited shipping, from important tips to reasons why our logistics team is better than our competition’.

What Is Expedited Freight?

Expedited freight is time-sensitive cargo that must be transported and delivered within a particular time frame. One of the most common ways of expediting freight shipping is through air freight, since planes cover ground more quickly than trucks do. Expedited freight shipments can be small or large in size as well as quantity.

At GSL, we can help you figure out logistics from A-Z when it comes to expedited freight. Whether you need one pallet delivered quickly or a full truckload of freight delivered within a few short days, we’ve got you covered. When you have a regular parcel that needs shipping, companies like UPS or FedEx can handle your packages. However, if your cargo exceeds 150 pounds or 165 inches in length or girth, it is considered a freight shipment and you will need a third party shipping company to help you get your shipment to its destination. You need a company like GSL to provide speed, flexibility, and top quality service, in the event of an emergency with your shipment.

Types of Expedited Shipping

Same Day Air Service

Same day air freight gets your shipments delivered within hours, no matter how far the distance. If your company regularly ships cargo between two destinations, you may want to reserve space on a flight by scheduling same day air services in advance. This way, you are ensured regular access to expedited freight shipping. Another option is an unscheduled, or chartered, same day air service, where you book a flight that only carries your cargo and limits airport visits to the ones on your route. Chartered same day air services are the most expensive expedited shipping option, but it can be a life-saving service for any shipping crises you may face. By partnering with GSL, we can help you minimize risks and losses when it comes to your shipments by handling all the logistics you need, even at a moment’s notice. Don’t let shipping be a barrier to your company’s success.

Next Flight Out Air Service

Similar to the same day air service option, there is also a Next Flight Out (NFO) service via air to help reduce transit time. There are thousands of commercial flights around the world everyday, so we partner up with commercial airlines to deliver your urgent or emergency shipments within the same day or next (depending on flight schedule and availability).

Next Day Expedited Ground Service

If the distance between your two destinations can be reached within a day by ground transport, then a next-day expedited ground service is your best option, as it will save you more money than choosing an expedited air service. When choosing ground service for your expedited freight, it typically means your freight will only move from Point A to Point B, which means you will have fewer hand-offs than if you moved your freight by air. This also means your cargo is less likely to be damaged, lost, or stolen.

There are many other expedited services out there — you can even customize an expedition shipping option that works the best for your company’s needs. Contact Global Source Logistics today for a quote on expedited shipping. We’ll help you choose the best options for your schedules and budget.

Tips for Shipping Emergencies

No one can predict all accidents or emergencies from happening, but you can certainly minimize the risk of a shipping accident or emergency. By choosing a qualified expedited shipping company with the right qualities, you can rest assured that your shipment can still get to its final destination with few hiccups along the road. Here are a few qualities to look out for in a shipping company to prepare for a shipping emergency:

24/7 Service

When choosing a shipping company to partner with, make sure your company is available 24/7 for any emergency shipping needs.

Proven Track Record

Look for reliability. Any shipping company can make claims that help make them look better. Rather than trusting their words at face value, take your time to determine whether or not said shipping company has a proven track record to deliver products on-time, every time.

Updated Tracking Services

Transparency and communication are key when it comes to shipping mishaps. You need a shipping logistics company that offers real-time tracking so you never have to worry about freight going missing. GSL’s advanced technology makes it easier than ever before to stay up to date on your deliveries.

Creative Solutions

Every situation is unique and certain problems require more creative solutions than others. GSL has years of experience solving both urgent and non-urgent logistics problems. Whether you need to hire a same day air service to get your shipment to your destination without a hitch or you need to find a way to get your trade show shipment at the exhibit on a shorter notice, GSL can help.

Should You Offer Expedited Shipping As a Service?

Should you consider offering expedited shipping as a regular service to your customers or clients? There are a few things to consider before offering expedited shipping. You must first consider if you have enough resources to provide such a service, including budget, vehicles, and man power. You should also consider your customers or clients. If you have customers who expect quick shipments or who need goods delivered internationally within a specific time frame, then an expedited shipping service may be an invaluable option. You should also consider your competition. If your top competitors offer expedited shipping, then it may be a smart idea to offer a variety of delivery options similar to what they offer to stay relevant in the market.

Benefits of Offering Expedited Shipping

If you’re still on the fence about offering expedited shipping as a service, then a list of these benefits may help you decide.

  • Competitive Advantage
  • Customer Loyalty
  • Higher Business Ratings
  • Smoother Business Operations
  • Up-to-Date Tracking

A logistics company that focuses on expedited shipping can ensure your freight shipments arrive on time wherever they need to go. It’s time to stop worrying about production delays and time to start focusing on improving your business operations. Contact Global Source Logistics today to learn more about what expedited shipping can do for your business.